Icon of design

Carlos Ott - Las Américas Golden Tower

Hotel Las Américas Golden Tower Panamá is the first great project by architect Carlos Ott in Panama, and his creativity is reflected all over the hotel, from his surprising exterior design to his exquisite interior design and decoration.

Carlos Ott is internationally recognized for his avant-garde designs, which led him to win the competition for the Opera Bastille design in Paris. He was also the architect for the National Bank of Dubai, and projects with his firm have been completed in the United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore, France, Germany, Canada, United States, Argentina and Uruguay.

The hotel is a luxurious 30-story tower, with Carlos Ott’s signature stamped on every detail. With the surprising forms of its exterior design, its bronze exterior color, its interior gold details, its harmony and cutting-edge spaces, comfort and luxury finishes, Las Americas Golden Tower now looms as an icon of design in Panama City.

According to the words of the recognized architect, it is about “a unique hotel in a central area of the city. An exceptional building, which will leave a great memory in its clients minds.”

Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panama is the new icon of design of a city that is catalogued as the business capital of Latin America.